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1. What is Qingdao Bestway guideline on payment terms?
1) 100% advanced payment is the first option but we can discuss it.
2) Partial payment is negotiable, as a rule we require an advanced payment no less than 30% and balance should be paid before shipment.
3) Any order value $3,000 or less, should be paid 100% to start production.
4) Irrevocable L/C at sight is acceptable.
5) Irrevocable L/C with less than 60-day term is acceptable for some business after negotiation.
6) Any L/C with more than 60-day term is not acceptable.
7) D/P at sight is acceptable after negotiation, with other terms is not acceptable.
8) D/A - O/A is not acceptable.

2. How long dos it take to deliver production?
Usually delivery time for orders is 25-30 days, depending on the order quantity and production schedule. Delivery time is calculating from the date L/C is placed or the advance payment arrives as agreed on contract terms. For rush orders conditions, delivery time must be discussed.

3. What is Qingdao Bestway policy about minimum order requirements?
The minimum order value is $2,000. To place orders less than the minimum value should be discuss first. To order samples, price and conditions must be discussed as well. For the minimum quantity for each product, please contact with us for further information.

4. What is Qingdao Bestway policy about samples? How much does a sample cost?
1) Any sample value $10 or less is offered free of charge with delivery cost affordable by client. For sending via FedEx, UPS, DHL or TNT customers can use their own account. If Qingdao Bestway uses its prepaid account, delivery fee will be charged to client.
2) Any sample value $11 or more, will be charged.
3) Samples will be sent when payment is confirmed.

5. What is Qingdao Bestway policy for molding cost? How much does a mold cost? Is it refundable?
Qingdao Bestway always manufactures molds for OEM purpose productions.
1) Any mold cost less than $2,000 has to be paid 100% before manufacture.
2) Any mold cost more than $2,000 is acceptable to be paid 50% before manufacture and 50% upon sample approval but prior to mass production.
3) The mold cost is refundable when the sample fails and is not approve by client; due to our responsibility.
4) The mold cost is refundable when the order is for a mass production which terms, quantity and prices must be discussed.

6. Are there any national or international fairs Qingdao Bestway attends?
Yes, every year we exhibit at some related fairs inland and overseas.

7. What does VIP customer mean for Qingdao Bestway?
Qingdao Bestway considers a client as a VIP customer if:
1) Client has been built business relationship with Qingdao Bestway for over three years.
2) Client's annual purchase from Qingdao Bestway is $1,000,000 or more.
3) Client's orders are continuous and stable.
Qingdao Bestway has a special team working for VIP customers and each client has a specific team assigned, from order approval to production following, from delivery arrangement to documents submitting, all supplier chain coordination and shipping forwarder.
4) VIP customers are notified at first when new products are launching.
5) VIP customers have priority to negotiate on exclusive sales for some products from Qingdao Bestway.

Main products
  • Mexico Heavy Duty WheelbarrowThe Mexico heavy duty wheelbarrow has steel tray with thickness from 0.70 to 1 mm according to clients' needs. It has one piece tubular steel handles with polypropylene grip (Ф32x1.2mm/1.5mm). All steel parts of the heavy duty wheelbarrow are rust and UV resistant and lead free due to the powder coating.
    The Mexico heavy duty wheelbarrow has a 16"×4.00-8 pneumatic rubber wheel with steel rim and axle brackets. It can be used for transporting plaster, mortar, cement and sand, etc.
  • 10"×4.10/3.50-4 Hand Truck WheelThe 10"×4.10/3.50-4 hand truck wheel is perfect for low-speed uses, including wagons, carts, hand trucks, wheelbarrows, pressure washer, generator, lawn and garden equipment and many other applications. It's easy to use with different types of rims, not for hard working assignments.
    The 10"×4.10/3.50-4 hand truck wheel is appropriate for low speed applications. It has quiet operation, is lightweight, it has simple instructions to follow and is easy to use.