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Qingdao Bestway Industrial Products CO., Limited

Factory add.: Lingang Industrial Zone, Jiaonan, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China.
Tel.: +86-532-89051913
Fax: +86-532-89052913
Contact person: Jessica Hsueh

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Main products
  • 14"×3.50-8 Wheelbarrow Pneumatic Wheel The 14"×3.50-8 wheelbarrow pneumatic wheel has a steel rim and 150Kg load capacity to suit your needs. It is suitable for low-speed uses for lawn and garden equipment and many other applications, fitting all kind of wheelbarrows in the market. The 14" rubber pneumatic wheelbarrow wheels are not appropriate for heavy assignments more than specified load; they are available in different sizes according with users' needs 14"×3.50-8; 14"×3.50-8 and 14"×3.50-8 depending on model.
  • 16"×4.00-8 Flat Free Wheelbarrow Wheel TireThe 16"×4.00-8 flat free wheelbarrow wheel tire has ribbed tread style, 3/4" customized ball bearing and 3.00" customized hub length, available in black or any other color. It bears 450lbs with powder coated steel rims. This puncture proof tire fits many kinds of wheelbarrow brands on the market.
    Long lasting - this tire could outlast the lifetime usage of your equipment.
    The 16"×4.00-8 flat free wheelbarrow wheel tire has easy rolling; you can do the same job with less effort.