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Qingdao Bestway Industrial Products CO., Limited was founded in China in 1995. We are a manufacturer and supplier of quality pneumatic rubber wheel, flat free wheel tire, and motorcycle tire products, and also garden, farming, and building tools. We have enjoyed rapid expansion over the past decade and a half, and our products now are used by customers around the world.

Our effective R&D team is comprised of professionals who design newer, advanced products and improve upon our existing rubber and hardware products. Bestway quality control measures are followed throughout production and prior to shipping, to ensure that our customers received the highest quality products.

We provide a wide variety of items, including our drill press, saw scroll, wheelbarrow, hand trolley, garden wagon cart, pneumatic rubber wheel, flat free wheel tire, motorcycle and ATV tire, lawn mower tire, golf cart tire, industrial tire, natural and butyl inner-tube, and even floor mats. Bestway quality products have passed the REACH, ISO9001 certification, and our high quality products have earned a good reputation and market share in Europe, America, Africa, and other countries.

We at Bestway aim to satisfy clients with quality products, economical prices, and outstanding service. We adhere to the principle of Top-Quality, Competitive Prices, Prompt Delivery, Best Service, and with corresponding maintenance.

Bestway History
To better understand who we are, we've provided a little of our history:
In 1995--- Bestway was launched.
In 1996--- We began to specialize in providing rubber tires, pneumatic rubber wheels, flat free wheel tires, motorcycle tires and tubes.
In 2005--- We began to supply wheelbarrows, hand trolleys, garden wagon carts, and floor mats abroad.
In 2007--- We added our drill press and saw scroll to our products list.
Based on the belief of trust, Bestway is your best choice for tire and lawn and garden products.

Main products
  • 7 Cu.Ft WheelbarrowThe 7 Cu.Ft wheelbarrow has steel tray with 0.80mm thickness, or even thicker till 1.20mm upon request. It has zinc plated steel handles very comfortable to hold. All its steel parts are rust and UV resistant and lead free due to the powder coating. The 7 Cu.Ft wheelbarrow has wooden wedges and cross pieces. Wheelbarrows with plastic wedges and steel cross pieces are available as well. Its 16"×4.00-8 pneumatic rubber wheel has steel rim and axle brackets.

  • Mexico Heavy Duty WheelbarrowThe Mexico heavy duty wheelbarrow has steel tray with thickness from 0.70 to 1 mm according to clients' needs. It has one piece tubular steel handles with polypropylene grip (Ф32x1.2mm/1.5mm). All steel parts of the heavy duty wheelbarrow are rust and UV resistant and lead free due to the powder coating.
    The Mexico heavy duty wheelbarrow has a 16"×4.00-8 pneumatic rubber wheel with steel rim and axle brackets. It can be used for transporting plaster, mortar, cement and sand, etc.