2.50-18 Motorcycle Street Tire

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2.50-18 Motorcycle Street Tire

Featuring a long wearing compound and a rain fighting groove tread design, our 2.50-18 motorcycle street tire is used for front application. Its construction and use of modern rubber compounds creates a higher quality tire. Ideal for small sized street bikes, our tire comes with classic patterns.

Tire Size RS (in) PR/LSR TT/TL OD (mm/in) SW (mm/in) TD (mm/in) Pressure (Psi) Load (Lbs)
2.50-17 1.6x17 4PR TT 568/22.4 65/2.6 5.0/0.20 32 290
2.50-18 1.6x18 4PR TT 593/23.3 65/2.6 5.0/0.20 32 310
2.75-18 1.85x18 6PR TT 613/24.1 74/2.9 5.5/0.22 40 330
3.00-17 1.85x17 4PR TT 602/23.7 80/3.1 6.0/0.24 32 365
3.00-18 1.85x18 4PR TT 630/24.8 80/3.1 7.0/0.28 32 385

RS = Rim Size (width x diameter)
PR/LSR = Ply Rating or Load/Speed Rating
TT/TL = Tube Type/Tubeless
OD = Overall Diameter
SW = Section Width
TD = Tread Depth

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    RS = Rim Size (width x diameter)
    PR/LSR = Ply Rating or Load/Speed Rating
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