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Rubber Tile Mat

The RT103 tile mat comes in size 500*500*15/20/25/30/40/45/50/60/70mm. It is available in color red, green, blue, black, grey, orange, brown, beige and more, it's made of rubber grain or crumb rubber. The RT103 tile mat is widely used in horse riding passages, playgrounds, kindergartens, schools, parks and other public places because is environment-friendly with good water permeability, good elasticity and is easy to install.

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Other products
  • Anti-Fatigue MatThe RM102 anti-fatigue mat comes in size 3'×5'×1/2" (1524×914×12.7mm) with 20.9lbs (9.50Kg) weight, color can be green, red, black, blue, grey and more. It has exceptional drainage characteristics; it allows water and debris to fall through providing cushion effect under foot. It can be used in working or house area, it is soft but hardwearing.
  • Rubber Floor MatThe SM101 rubber floor mat comes in size 4'×6'×10mm/12mm/17mm (1830×1220×10/12/17mm) with 28/34/43Kg weight or 1m×1m×22mm/ 2m×1m×20mm with 33/53Kg weight. It reduces damage to trays or floors, fitting at any surface. The SM101 rubber floor mat relieves stress and pain to animal bones and muscles. It can be used at horse floats, stables, truck beds and other places. It protects all surfaces, it's impact absorber and environmental friendly.