Qingdao Bestway Industrial Products CO., Limited
Factory add.: Lingang Industrial Zone, Jiaonan, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China.
Tel.: +86-532-89051913
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Contact person: Jessica Hsueh

  • 7 Cu.Ft Wheelbarrow
  • 7 Cu.Ft Wheelbarrow The 7 Cu.Ft wheelbarrow has steel tray with 0.80mm thickness, or even thicker till 1.20mm upon request. It has zinc plated steel handles very comfortable to hold. All its steel parts are rust ...
  • Mexico Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow
  • Mexico Heavy Duty WheelbarrowThe Mexico heavy duty wheelbarrow has steel tray with thickness from 0.70 to 1 mm according to clients' needs. It has one piece tubular steel handles with polypropylene grip ...
  • 10'×4.10/3.50-4 Hand Truck Wheel
  • 10"×4.10/3.50-4 Hand Truck WheelThe 10"×4.10/3.50-4 hand truck wheel is perfect for low-speed uses, including wagons, carts, hand trucks, wheelbarrows, pressure washer, generator ...
  • 14'×3.50-8 Wheelbarrow Pneumatic Wheel
  • 14"×3.50-8 Wheelbarrow Pneumatic Wheel The 14"×3.50-8 wheelbarrow pneumatic wheel has a steel rim and 150Kg load capacity to suit your needs. It is suitable for low-speed uses for lawn and garden equipment ...
  • 3.00-17 Motorbike Tire
  • 3.00-17 Motorbike Tire Our 3.00-17 motorbike tire is to be used for front application. It offers a long wearing compound and rain fighting groove tread design. Our motorcycle tire features higher quality ...
  • 3.00-18 Motorcycle Off Road Tire
  • 3.00-18 Motorcycle Off Road TireOur 3.00-18 motorcycle off road tire offers maximum traction on soft and intermediate surfaces. The tire features aggressive knobs designed for dirt performance ...

Quality is given the utmost attention at Bestway, and we take many steps in order to ensure that the pneumatic rubber wheel, flat free wheel tire, and motorcycle tire products our customers received are the highest quality possible. Assisting us in achieving the highest level of performance and quality by providing continually improved products is our outstanding R&D team. In addition, during production, we begin with detailed raw material inspections, including testing of samples before they are accepted for processing. Next we adhere to ISO9000 standards throughout each step of manufacturing, while the use of advanced milling, forming, vulcanizing and rim/wheelbarrow punching equipment helps to improve quality and efficiency. Finally, prior to shipment, we perform additional sample inspections to achieve a 100% passing rate of our pneumatic rubber wheel, flat free wheel tire, motorcycle tire, wheelbarrow, garden cart, hand truck, drill press, floor mat, and other products. As a result, all Bestway products are REACH and ISO9001 certified, so customers can feel secure in using them.

In addition to ensuring the quality of our products, we also work to reduce our cost in producing them, thus we can pass our savings on to customers in the form of economical prices. One way we accomplish this is by producing all of our pneumatic wheel and wheelbarrow tire components in-house, thereby we eliminate outsourcing expenses. We also utilize ERP Management Information System Software, which allows us to share information easily and instantly within the company. This enables us to quickly and effectively adjust any issues in supply, production, quality, marketing, or management, thus saving valuable time, materials, and manpower in creating our pneumatic rubber wheel, flat free wheel tire, and motorcycle tire products.

Our location is also an advantage to our customers, as we are located in the Qingdao Port Economic Development Zone in Shandong Province. This puts us near transportation facilities by land, sea, and air, thus making shipping quick and affordable for us and our clients in Germany, the Netherlands, France, Poland, Portugal, Russia, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Australia, and more.